Will egg shells hurt my plants?

Answer On One Hand: Egg Shells Are Beneficial to PlantsEgg shells will not harm plants and, in fact, provide necessary nutrients for them. Crushed egg shells, which are 93 percent calcium carbonate, will ... Read More »

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Will frost hurt onion plants?

Young onion plants are resistant to frost, according to information from North Dakota State University. The best onions grow in cooler temperatures when young and then in warmer conditions as the o... Read More »

Will Pepper & Garlic Hurt My Plants?

Many commercial farms and backyard vegetable gardeners employ harsh chemicals to deter insects from munching on their crops. But substances like chili pepper and garlic may also effectively repel a... Read More »

Will eating house plants hurt a rabbit?

Yes, houseplants such as foxglove and cocoa bean plants are deadly toxic for rabbits. Never feed houseplants! Bring it to the vet immediately before the rabbit digests it.

Can I put my corn trees and snake plants outside now, or will it hurt them?

Corn tree had best be left in a planter as in the ground it will get 18 to 20 foot tall. And they need warm weather I do not know your zone. Snake plant can be potted out side as well. Above 50 f ... Read More »