Will egg shells hurt my plants?

Answer On One Hand: Egg Shells Are Beneficial to PlantsEgg shells will not harm plants and, in fact, provide necessary nutrients for them. Crushed egg shells, which are 93 percent calcium carbonate, will ... Read More »

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Do egg shells make plants grow faster?

Egg shells are a good source of calcium, which plants use to grow. You can crush and compost the eggshells to make them easier for the plant to use. IN ADDITION:Egg shells are not recommended to pl... Read More »

Can shells from sunflower seeds kill plants?

Sunflower shells can indeed kill plants. The toxins in the shell can kill living plants by a process called allelopathy. This can be a problem for birdhouse owners that use feed containing sunflo... Read More »

Can too many house plants hurt you?

It depends on whether you have allergies to molds, pollens, etc., and/or whether the best condition for the plant's health is not the best condition for your own - i.e. cool and damp is the best co... Read More »

Will Pepper & Garlic Hurt My Plants?

Many commercial farms and backyard vegetable gardeners employ harsh chemicals to deter insects from munching on their crops. But substances like chili pepper and garlic may also effectively repel a... Read More »