Will eating too much make your baby too big?

Answer Sometimes yes.

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Will eating baby powder while pregnant harm your baby?

yeah that's a good answer would you? Umm how much are you planning to eat? If it has already happened how much did you consume? Oh how I hope you're kidding on this one but srsly no prbly not. ... Read More »

Will eating toilet tissue while pregnant will be on your baby when they are born?

What? The question (even when phrased correctly) doesn't make any sense. Try reading before submitting. Or try not being a retard, either wayOK, I don't know about that rude person above me, but I ... Read More »

Will eating talcum powder while pregnant harm your baby?

Answer It probably isn't a good idea. It's a compulsive behavior that should probably be investigated. Maybe you should talk to a counselor to see what can be done to help you.

Will eating too much honey make me diabetic?

Eating half a jar of anything is probably not good for you , however, diabetes is NOT CAUSED BY EATING SUGAR. Diabetes is a problem with the bodies inability to produce insulin or its inability to ... Read More »