Will eating sugAr harm unborn baby?

Answer Not if it's in a normal amount. Some women get pregnancy diabetes so one has to be careful. Sugar is not just in candy but also in fruit.

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Will eating comet harm a unborn child?

After it harms the mother, it probably would make the baby very sick.

Will taking castor harm an unborn baby?

If you are planning on taking Castor Oil to induce labour it's method of working is to upset the mothers stomach causing diarrhea. This in turn stimulates the uterus to contract and begin labour. H... Read More »

If you swallow sperm will it harm an unborn baby?

Will inhaling hairspray fumes harm an unborn baby?

No. It will not harm you nor your baby. As long as you don't inhale it everyday and take deep breaths. That's when it may affect you, taking long deep breaths.. as if you were solvent abusing. Whic... Read More »