Will eating fruit too much increase chance of diabetes?

Answer Yes, because fruits also have sugar (mostly fructose). And since diabetes runs in your family, you are already predisposed.To guide you on the sugar content, search for "fruit glycemic index."

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Will eating too much fruit be bad for me?

Even though fruit is good for you, they still contain sugar, nd high does of even natural sugar ant good, plus it's high fibre content may turn into a laxative effect on youIf you are going to eat ... Read More »

Will eating too much sugar / sweets / sugary foods etc eventually lead to diabetes?

NoJust as smoking will not necessarily lead to cancerwhe you eat sugary foods, you are making your body produce insulin to help break it downIf you abuse your body's insulin production, then you ca... Read More »

Can eating a lot of fruit lead to diabetes or is it no problem because it's a different kind of sugar?

if fruit is all you eat and nothing else then yes it can. but if you eat balanced meals, you will have a better chance of not getting it.

How do scattering seeds increase the chance that new plants will grow?

it increses because the seeds are under ground and the sun shines on the dirt and the seeds get soil.and you need to water it for it to grow.