Will earthworms hurt a potted plant?

Answer They will disturb the roots by their movement and so will restrict the growth.

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Will a potted plant grow bigger if earthworms are added to the soil?

There are several theories on this subject, one research is advocating the removal of earthworms in our forests, I will provide a few links for you to decide.Please see related links below.Not like... Read More »

How do I defungi plant potting soil in a potted plant?

Getting Rid of FungusRemove any visible fungus with a small hand shovel. Shovel the remaining soil into polypropylene bags, two lb. at a time. Put the bag with the soil into the microwave, and cook... Read More »

Will coffee grounds hurt earthworms?

On One Hand: Coffee Grounds Are NaturalAdding coffee grounds to your compost heap along with other kitchen produce waste is a convenient way to bulk up your compost bucket, and coffee grounds have ... Read More »

When Should You Plant Potted Tulips Outside?

Although tulips are most commonly associated with Holland, they were cultivated in Turkey as far back as 1,000 A.D. Today, potted tulips in the stores are a sign that spring is near. ... Read More »