Will drinking vinegar kill an unborn baby?

Answer No vinegar does not cause abortion.

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Can drinking vinegar kill an unborn child?

I've heard that. I think it can. Everyone is saying no it cant because they dont think its right. BUT then how come .. -> read the back of a douche box .. it tells yu not to douche to prevent pr... Read More »

Can apple cider vinegar kill an unborn fetus?

Apple cider vinegar has trace amounts of alcohol and is used in some recipes including coleslaw. states, "Not enough is known about the safety of using apple cider vinegar as medicine du... Read More »

Can drinking vinegar kill you?

What can drinking do to an unborn baby?

Answer Harmful Influnces For Your Unborn BabyHYG-5535-93Alma M. Saddam Will I have a normal and healthy baby? Will the baby be born with some kind of physical or mental problem? Will it be a diffi... Read More »