Will drinking soda through a straw help prevent cavities or tooth decay?

Answer Not at all. As long as the liquid is in your mouth then the soda will effect your teeth

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How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Dogs?

Plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth can build up over time if not cleaned off, causing infection that can eventually lead to tooth loss. This infection can also spread to the dog's kidney, liver ... Read More »

Does tea tree oil prevent tooth decay?

On One Hand: There Is Research To Support The TheoryStudies show that rinsing your mouth with tea tree oil is an effective method of killing harmful bacteria. This helps protect the teeth, because ... Read More »

How to Prevent Toddler Tooth Decay?

Although a toddler will only have baby teeth for a small number of years, proper dental care will keep the mouth healthy and help the child develop hygienic habits. It is important for parents and ... Read More »

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Infants and toddlers suffer from baby bottle tooth decay when bacteria that feed on the sugar from juice and milk rots their teeth. The tooth rot can result in black or discolored teeth, tooth eros... Read More »