Will drinking alcohol effect the growth of the baby?

Answer Answeryes it could also cause many other defects such as mentality, behavior, and emotional problems as the child gets older. if you have a drink once in awhile there should not be a problem.but co... Read More »

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If you drink alcohol for the first two weeks of your pregnancy will it effect the baby?

Yes, it will. The tendency is the baby will be having small heads, and may have fetal alcohol syndrome after birth.-------------Whoever wrote the above is incorrect: Most experts agree that drinkin... Read More »

What foods will help the baby after drinking a little bit of alcohol?

Hang on, WHAT?! I really hope you don't mean you gave your baby alcohol. Cause that would make you a pretty messed up mother.

Will drinking a lot of alcohol kill a your baby if your 5 weeks pregnant?

How much alcohol drinking will cause a .08 blood alcohol level and a dui?

The amount of alcohol needed to register a .08 blood alcohol content on a Breathalyzer test varies based upon weight and sex. Additionally, the type of alcohol consumed, liquor versus beer, also ma... Read More »