Will drinking 12 pure fruit smoothies a day make me gain any weight?

Answer Not if you only eat 400 calories a day. But you shouldn't just eat/drink fruit. You should also eat vegtables, dairy, meat and some carbs for a balanced diet. Eat everything in proportion.

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Will i gain weight from drinking alcohol for 3 days?

tell u the truth liquier dosnt make u gain wieght beer does

Will this make me gain weight?

you wont get fat, it takes long periods of eating to gain a lot of weight. if you are still concerned just drink water and eat salad or something healthy.

Will over eating 2 days make me gain weight?

No but you dieted the last 3 days of the week for nothing, that mean you're back to where you were Tuesday.

Will protein make me gain as much weight as calories?

Yes, Of course . But you should take the food in a right amount and exercise daily that will help you to keep your body fit and healthy. You can see the result of weight gain on this site : http://... Read More »