Will drinking 12 pure fruit smoothies a day make me gain any weight?

Answer Not if you only eat 400 calories a day. But you shouldn't just eat/drink fruit. You should also eat vegtables, dairy, meat and some carbs for a balanced diet. Eat everything in proportion.

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How to Make Healthy Fruit Smoothies?

To make a fruit smoothie you need lots of fruit and you need a blender. Fruit smoothies are so much fun to make with family members and friends.

How to Make Tropical Fruit Smoothies?

Tropical smoothies are the perfect way to cool off in the summer and spring. You can make it into anyway way and it's healthy, too! Want to make one? Read on!

Will i gain weight from drinking alcohol for 3 days?

tell u the truth liquier dosnt make u gain wieght beer does

Can Eating Too Much Fruit Lead to Weight Gain?

Weight gain is caused by eating more calories than you expend. Fruits and vegetables are part of a nutritious diet, but too much fruit may lead to weight gain. Incorporating fruit into your diet in... Read More »