Will dip-dying/ombreing your hair damage it?

Answer I'm not sure but if you want to do just streaks of color because you're curious how it looks, try chalking your hair (it's not real chalk, its actually a soft pastel)! There's videos all over youtu... Read More »

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Does straightning hair and blow drying damage your hair really?

Heat and chemicals do affect your hair. Maybe right now her hair looks great but there are many reasons it could change.1. If her hair is very short and she gets it cut regularly, then the damage ... Read More »

How do you think hair treatments like re bonding and colouring actually damage your hair?

Putting any type of chemical on the hair is not good for it. It drys it out and causes breakage.

Do Ceramic Hair Straighteners Damage Your Hair?

Ceramic flat irons are marketed as a damage-free way to straighten hair. While gentler than traditional flat irons, ceramic hair straighteners can cause damage. Iron quality and effective straighte... Read More »

Is blow drying your hair really bad does it really damage your hair?

It depends on how often you blow dry and the type of blow dryer you have. If you own a cheap blow dryer, don't use heat protectant and you blow dry every day, you can bet your hair will be damaged.... Read More »