Will detegent help plants?

Answer In a 13 litre watering can I put 1 drop of fairy liquid detergent. This affects the water molecules (in some way /how?) and allows the water to penetrate dry soil more effectively than just running... Read More »

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Whats fertilizer made out of and how does it help plants and will the plant be stronger greener or will it be the same?

There are a lot of different types of fertilizer, because different plants need different types of nutrients.Most but not all fertilizers contain nitrogen. Nitrogen-rich fertilizer comes mainly fro... Read More »

Will Screming At plants help them grow?

you should try whispering to them.I bet they would like that a lot better than all the loud yelling.ahaa :)nice.

Will covering potted plants with mulch help during a frost?

Mulching around the sides of a potted plant with sawdust or bark can help protect it from frost. Other methods include wrapping the pot in blankets, burlap or bubble wrap. If it is not too large to... Read More »

My water sprinklers does not reach my plants...will my plants still survive?

buy a watering can and use it two or three time a week