Will dental insurance coverage the crown for an implant?

Answer If I correctly understand you question the answer is many insurances will not cover this because implants are considered "Cosmetic", but you will have to check your plan.

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Will you be able to get inexpensive individual dental insurance if you discontinue COBRA and have a lapse in coverage?

Yes, dental insurance is not like major medical. There are a lot of individual plans on the market and they do not consider continuation of coverage. However, it is fairly common for individual den... Read More »

If you have no insurance now but will have coverage this fall will you be able to add family coverage if your wife gets pregnant now?

Answer This sounds like a question I was emailed directly. Here's more detail on the question and the answer...I currently do not have health insurance. My wife wants to conceive a baby during thi... Read More »

What is full coverage dental insurance?

Full coverage dental insurance is simply standard dental insurance. With each plan you have different levels of coverage. Full does not mean coverage for everything. Your coverage varies by which i... Read More »

Does cigna dental insurance has coverage for lumineers?

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