Will dect corless Phones bought In us work in india?

Answer No. They both run an averagely speedy A4 processor. The difference is the 16gb can hold twice as many songs, videos, contacts, and apps.

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You bought your new 3G iPhone in the USA and you are going to India in September will the phone work in India and will the wi fi work in India?

What do you think? Yea! If it doesn't that is a big waste of money! Anyway iPhones are bad phones! I had one and i would never get any calls! iPhones are the worst phones ever!

Will DECT 6.0 phones work with VOIP?

According to the technology reference organization Ahern, DECT 6.0 telephones are digital cordless telephones that work across the public switched telephone network or PSTN. According to the voice ... Read More »

Will iPhone 3GS bought in India work in the US?

this is very simple. But you absolutely need to have wallpaper so i will show you how to change it.Go to your photos and select a picture you like.on the bottom of the screen there is a a black box... Read More »

Will iPhone 4S work if bought in US and used in India?

the iPhone models will work mostly anywhere in any country. However, by buying a handset in a different company and it has been registered there and it's on another country's network, then you will... Read More »