Will ddr2 memory work in a ddr slot?

Answer Although their names are similar, DDR2 and DDR memory have different voltage requirements and different pin configurations. DDR2 memory will not work in a DDR slot, and vice versa. The module "key,... Read More »

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Will DDR2-667 memory work with DDR2-800 memory?

DDR2-667 memory will work with DDR2-800 memory as long as the computer's motherboard supports DDR2-800. DDR2 memory slots will work with any DDR2 memory at or below the maximum supported speed. A... Read More »

Will a DDR2 work with DDR memory?

DDR 2 devices are totally incompatible with DDR memory, and the same is true vice versa. DDR2 memory sticks use a different format than the earlier DDR sticks and have a different number of connec... Read More »

Will DDR2 memory work in a DDR machine?

No, DDR2 memory will not work in a first-generation DDR machine. The memory types are incompatible with each other. Additionally, the different types of DDR have notches in different locations so... Read More »

Will PC133 memory work in a PC100 slot?

PC133 SDRAM can be used in a motherboard memory slot designed for PC100 RAM.The motherboard will utilize the PC133 SDRAM as if it were PC100 SDRAM, which means you will not see better performance b... Read More »