Will constantly plugging and unplugging my laptop wreck the battery?

Answer It could wreck the battery. Most rechargeable things have only so many "charges," so this constant recharging is reducing how many charges the battery has left. For instance, many hand-held game sy... Read More »

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Is it better if you leave your laptop plugged in or to constantly use the battery?

Yes you should try to drain the battery occasionally to keep it conditioned in good shape. Keeping it plugged in constantly might limit its ability to hold a charge. But really, with the technolo... Read More »

On a laptop, how do u print on the house printer without plugging the laptop in it?

On the house computer, right click the printer and share it. Make sure the laptop can connect to you network at home and find the shared printer. This is a little tricky if you are a novice. you mi... Read More »

If i take my laptop into the bath without plugging it into the mains, can i electrocute myself with it running?

Just running on the battery, probably not.The power inverter for the LCD screen might have enough voltage to cause a little zap, but nothing that would hurt you.But, using your laptop in the bathro... Read More »

No sound through TV anymore when plugging laptop in with HDMI cable?

When are you plugging in the HDMI cable when the laptop is still powered up? Sometimes (on my laptop at least) I have found I have to shut down the laptop or restart to get the sound working as my ... Read More »