Will clonipin affect the baby if you take it during pregnancy?

Answer Answer STOP USING IT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT! It has been known to cause fetal malformations.It is best not used at all during pregnancy, but strictly avoid it during the first trimester.

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How will taking Prescription pain pills during pregnancy affect your baby from between 37 and 39 weeks?

At present, Buprenorphine(which is in suboxone) is listed as a category C drug for use during pregnancy. This, in the case of Suboxone, means that although scientists think it's probably OK – eno... Read More »

Can eating raw rice affect the baby during pregnancy?

Does drinking honey affect the baby during pregnancy?

Answer No. An adult can ingest honey because there body can handle any bacteria left in the honey. A child under should not eat honey because there digestive system is to immature to handle it. Ho... Read More »

Does drinking tea affect the complexion of baby during pregnancy?

I have never heard this, but you should not drink tea unless it is decaf. Tea naturally contains high contents of caffeine. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels in your body, which in turn restric... Read More »