Will clomid help me get pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Prescribed for InfertilityClomiphene citrate (Clomid) is one of the most commonly prescribed fertility drugs for women. It is used to mimic estrogen in the body and subsequently induce... Read More »

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Did anyone get pregnant on thier first month of Clomid?

The 21 day test is to determine whether or not the clomid is making you ovulate- it's highly unlikely that you would fin dout you were pregnant from it. I asked this question 2 and didn't get any ... Read More »

Anyone got pregnant on the first round of clomid 50mg?

I hear good success rates with clomid. I've had two cycles of 50mg and didn't conceive, but I have long cycles though. I had to have a 4 month break which was really frustrating as had an abnorm... Read More »

Help w/clomid question?

Both of us are in the same situation dear,i had my period on 3/11 and started clomid 50mg on 3/13,So are you measuring the temperature daily,My doc said normally ovulation should occur on the 14th ... Read More »

Where can a pregnant 16-year-old get help if her family and boyfriend will not help her?

AnswerGo to a women's health clinic, they'll help you if noone else will. AnswerYou can't force your family to help you because it's not their responsibility. It is the father's responsibility. So... Read More »