Will chlorine bleach kill dandelions?

Answer yes, and everything else. I don't recommend spraying all over your yard

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Will chlorine bleach kill dust mites?

On One Hand: Bleach Kills Dust Mites and MoreDespite persuasive articles to the contrary, science has proved that sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach, destroys dust mites. In a study by the D... Read More »

Can you use chlorine bleach to shock a pool to kill algae?

Household chlorine bleach can be used to shock a pool and kill algae. However, this has potentially harmful effects on the environment because the water will eventually be discharged into public wa... Read More »

Is there any herbicide that will not kill my peonies and roses My garden is over run with dandelions and such?

Don't use a "herbicide". That will kill any and all vegitation. What you want is a "broad leaf killer", but it will kill your flowers if it gets on them. What you have to do is give the dandelio... Read More »

Will swimming in a chlorine pool kill lice?

Swimming in a chlorine pool will not kill head lice. You are unlikely to get lice from swimming in a pool with an infected person, but lice can spread through shared towels or other items that have... Read More »