Will car insurance pay for an injury to a finger from the car door?

Answer Finger In Car Door Why would you do that? Probably not as most insurance companies will refuse to pay out miniscule damages.

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If a rental home insurance provider wants to settle a third party injury claim can you insist they instead defend the case if there is no fault in industry code to the property where the injury happen?

No, Your Insurance contract gives the Insurance company the right to settle or defend whichever is cheaper. If the insured property owner interferes with the companies decisions you could forfeit ... Read More »

I smashed my finger in the car door two days ago. Door fully closed and latched. Still Swollen. BROKEN?

ok i have to say owwww on your behalf and say that you are a very good typer! how long did it take you to type this question? you couldve been at the doctors probobly...:)sorry i had to lol

A door hits my kids finger when i close the door ,what to dois anything serious?

Could have a broken finger if it swells up like a balloon, then that is a fracture. Emergency room required, if not pack in ICE with Gauze.

Finger numb a few weeks after injury?

I'd go get checked. If there's numbness you could've had damage to the nerves. Since nerve cells are unable to grow back you don't want to cause any permanent damage if it could be prevented.