Will buying more RAM increase my game frame rates?

Answer Not necessaily. It will help to a certain extent but the main thing you need to think about buying is a decent GRAPHICS CARD

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Will adding RAM increase the life of my computer for 2 more years?

RAM increases the ammount of action a PC can take, not it's speed, (that's processor), but even if you maxed out your RAM on your OS, you're only increasing one part of it; so you'd get 2 months if... Read More »

Where will you be buying your "bak kwa" from this year and why Is price a factor or is taste more important?

I prefer the taste & quality not branding. There will not be a specific place for me to go buy bak kwa...usually is Chinatown.LCG bak kwa -> standards are maintained during normal day. Standard dro... Read More »

Do postage rates increase?

The United States Postal Service increases postage rates at will. Usually, rate increases correlate with rising production costs. In 1863, it cost 3 cents to send a half-oz. package. As of May 1... Read More »

How to Increase Debt Recovery Rates?

A full 15 percent of consumers were late in paying at least one of their credit card bills and a full 8 percent admitted to making no payment at all, according to the U.S. Congress' Joint Economic ... Read More »