Will burning coal to heat your home effect your health?

Answer No it doesn't. You can burn wood, coal, or fuel oil and it is all safe. The reason being that what ever you burn goes out the chimney. The only thing inside the house is heat. Heck, I've burned coa... Read More »

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Aussies what is the best home remedy for your health or cleaning your home that works?

For food spills on the floor, let the dog in.

If you are the custodial parent and have no health insurance but your new spouse does will your ex-husband's health insurance be primary or secondary?

Answer The birthday rule is often used to determine which plan is primary and which is secondary. Under this rule, the plan of the parent whose birthday occurs first in the calendar year is designa... Read More »

You got your periods on 24 May and this month you didnt get your periods also you had fever so you took antibiotic tablet will it effect your pregnancy?

How does tea effect your health?

Teas can have a wide range of positive and negative health effects depending upon the type of tea, it's caffeine content and how it's prepared. Too much tea can be detrimental, but in just the rig... Read More »