Will burning coal to heat your home effect your health?

Answer No it doesn't. You can burn wood, coal, or fuel oil and it is all safe. The reason being that what ever you burn goes out the chimney. The only thing inside the house is heat. Heck, I've burned coa... Read More »

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How much fly ash is generated in burning 1 ton of coal?

The combustion of 1 ton of coal produces about 160 lbs. of fly ash. Fly ash is a finely divided noncombustible powder removed from exhaust gases that consists primarily of silicon, aluminum, iron a... Read More »

How do I adjust the heat output of the Kozy Heat wood-burning fireplace?

Use Your Remote Transmitter to Adjust TemperatureOnce you have set up the remote transmitter of your Kozy Heat fireplace, if you have it set on "Auto" (automatic), it will send a signal to the fire... Read More »

Is burning coal in a stove harmful?

Burning coal in a stove is not harmful so long as it is a coal-burning stove, designed specifically for that purpose. Still, coal is a fossil fuel and, since it emits pollutants, it should be used ... Read More »

Who invented the coal burning stove?