Will brown spots on a jade plant ever come off?

Answer yes they will go away after a few months if you do the right things. you should not water it too much that may be causing it water when soil is dry and more so in summer than winter take the plant ... Read More »

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Brown Spots on My Tomato Plant Leaves?

Identifying what causes spots of tomato plant leaves is not difficult, but eliminating them once they start may prove harder. Some diseases can be slowed after they are discovered and will allow fo... Read More »

Why does Basil plant have blackish brown spots that take up almost the whole leaf?

My Basil plant is all green. Maybe yours has a disease. Look around at other peoples if they have the same maybe its mine that's sick.

When I use fungicide, how long before the black, brown spots on the leaves of my orchid plant disappear?

4 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent to 1 gallon water. Use when high humidity present or when brown spot or fungus appear.Sorry but spots are not going to disappear, fungicide ... Read More »

How to Brighten Up Sun Spots or Brown Spots?

Sun spots or brown spots on the skin are often caused by sun damage. The spots contain melanin, a component that the skin uses to defend itself against ultraviolet rays. As a result you may see yel... Read More »