Will braces fully correct my teeth ?

Answer Yes, they will be able to correct your teeth as long as you wear your retainer after the braces regularly, otherwise your teeth will just shift to become misaligned again.

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What will i need to correct the position of my teeth?

you need to visit an ortho-dentist for this.

Will i get a square on all my teeth when i get my braces off ?

There shouldn't be squares I have braces and my mother used to have them and she has never had any squares and if u don't believe me just ask your orthodontist.

Will my teeth hurt braces off and filling?

I haven't had a cavity with braces on (I've had them before I got braces though), so I'm sorry that I can't really answer your first set of questions.As for the second set, don't worry. I've had ca... Read More »

Will braces do anything for my teeth (pictures)?

Oh yes! They are SOOOO much worth it hun! I had the same problem! Ever since I was 3 I had not small teeth but smaller than normal... and I had sucked my thumb until an unecessary age (9 1/2-10) an... Read More »