Will bluetooth work with an lg phone?

Answer According to the company's website, LG offers many phones that will work with Bluetooth technology. The LG Mystique, Rumor, Helix, Cosmos and Chocolate wireless phone nameplates are all Bluetooth c... Read More »

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Does Bluetooth work with an FG phone?

FG MicroTec Solutions supports a number of cellular phone options, including the Apple iPhone, the Nokia N95 and the HTC S740. These phones include Bluetooth radios that can be used while on the FG... Read More »

How does the mobile phone bluetooth spy software work?

Well, it depends on which particular software it is and how it is designed. Since you didn't specify that, most of your questions cannot be answered in a satisfactory way. What I can tell you is th... Read More »

How to Work Bluetooth on a Samsung A437 Cell Phone?

Connecting a Bluetooth headset to a Samsung A437 cell phone should only take a few minutes. Bluetooth enables cell phone users to make and receive phone calls through a wireless headset.

Configure laptop to access I-net via a bluetooth adapter and my I-net enabled bluetooth c-phone?

sorry that your stuck,i would love to help but i don't know anything abouut this little problem of yours.all i can say is that you should go to a tech place and ask then about this little problem o... Read More »