Will bleach kill poison ivy?

Answer Poison ivy is difficult but not impossible to eradicate. Herbicides are effective and several commercial products are also available. Wash clothes and items that have come in contact with poison iv... Read More »

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How to Use Bleach on Poison Oak?

Poison oak --- a relative of poison ivy --- is a plant found along the Pacific coast of North America that creates a painful rash after it comes in contact with the skin. The itchy rash, caused by ... Read More »

How to Kill Poison Oak?

Poison oak thrives on abandoned land but also in wood lots, at recreation sites and on Christmas tree farms. People who come in contact with poison oak experience skin irritation, itching, water bl... Read More »

Will rat poison kill a cat?

Rat poison is indeed very toxic to cats if ingested. Many types of rat poisons cause the blood to thin and the cat to die from bleeding. Other poisons can kill a cat as well, and there is a risk of... Read More »

How do I kill poison ivy?

Mow over the poison ivy with a lawn mower. Repeated mowing will eventually kill it.Cut poison ivy vines from trees and pull them down. After a rain, pull poison ivy roots out of the soil. Make sure... Read More »