Will bleach kill mice?

Answer Significant ingestion of bleach will typically kill a mouse. However, this method takes a long time and causes extreme suffering for the mouse. Other methods, such as mouse traps, are typically mor... Read More »

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Have mice in my camper don't know how but killed some with bleach and a trash can?

You just might have invented a new mouse trap.

How to Kill Mice in the Walls?

Mice are an unpleasant side effect to many homes. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, if you have noticed droppings or found box and bag edges that have been chewed, it is likely... Read More »

Does chocolate kill mice?

While a very large quantity might make mice sick, chocolate isn't toxic to mice like it is to dogs. The rodents like the candy's flavor so much that scientists in the United Kingdom designed a mous... Read More »

How to Spray to Kill Mice?

Mice can wreak havoc in your home despite their small size. If you have tried traditional mouse traps and poisons with no luck, you can add a solution of water, vitamin D and mint to help combat th... Read More »