Will bleach damage a garden sprayer?

Answer If bleach is used properly, it will not cause damage to a garden sprayer. The key is to use a diluted bleach solution that uses a ratio of one part bleach to 10 parts water. The bleaching and disin... Read More »

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How to Clean a Garden Sprayer?

Having a garden sprayer is essential to any gardener, landscaper or homeowner keeping up with lawn maintenance. Garden sprayers allow the even distribution of garden chemicals such as weed killers ... Read More »

How to Pump a Garden Pressure Sprayer?

Most garden pressure sprayers rely on a pump action that compresses the air and liquid until it is released through the spray nozzle. These sprayers can range in capacity from 0.5 to 5 gallons and ... Read More »

Does Bleach Damage Hardwood?

Bleach is a great solution to use when you have deep cleaning that needs to get done. Bleach, however, is a harsh chemical that has a tendency to ruin surfaces and materials in which it comes in co... Read More »

Can Bleach Damage a Water Softener?

Water softener systems use salt to replace hard minerals in your home's water. These minerals can cause significant damage to plumbing and appliances like dishwashers and water heaters over time. O... Read More »