Will black pepper affect plant growth?

Answer nothing more than decaying away and giving the plant some nutrients

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Will sunscreen affect plant growth?

Sunshine definitely affects plant growth.please check out this link for further information

How do earthworms affect plant growth?

Earthworms are beneficial to plant growth because the positive effects they have on the soil. Alterations to the structure of the soil, nutrients and movement of water all contribute to better plan... Read More »

Does tea affect plant growth?

Tea has an acidifying effect on the plant's soil, so the effect will vary according to the pH that an individual plant prefers. I did an experiment on it but with radish seeds and it had the best ... Read More »

How do magnets affect plant growth?

Magnets as well as magnetism have an affect on plants. Israel has been the leading country when it comes to using magnets on plant growth. The magnets affect the seeds, soil, and root systems of ... Read More »