Will bitlocker keep my info safe if anyone steals my computer?

Answer yes it save your info. no one have access to it but you.

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If the Conficker worm invades my computer and steals my personal data...?

The Conficker worm invaded my DVR box and confucked it all up. **** Dish Network. **** them all to hell.

Is insta-train safe with your info?

I also just tried instatrain, I'm really not sure if its 100% safe or not but there's no reports if anyone getting hacked after using it. You should change your password, just to be safe.

What would BitLocker do if I encrypt my phone through USB?

Yeah, if you encrypted the phone or any drives it uses to function it will not be able to function anymore unless you have a way to unlock and decrypt the drives from the phone.If you want the secu... Read More »

Anyone knows some info about Is it safe for ordering a large pairs of eyeglasses?

Yeah, I've seen positive reviews about this website from some real optometrists, saying the glasses on that website is cost-effective. If you still cannot rest assured, you can buy a few pairs for ... Read More »