Will bimetal hole saws cut metal?

Answer Hole saws are tools that attach to standard electric drills to enable the user to quickly cut large, round holes in a variety of materials. Bi-metal hole saws are a common type of this tool, and a... Read More »

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What is the standard arbor for hole saws?

Because there are so many different types of hole saws available on the market, there is not one standard arbor used for all of them. Electrician, plumber, and general-purpose hole saws each use ar... Read More »

If it takes 20 minutes to dig a hole, how long will it take to dig half a hole?

I don't know why you would want to dig half a hole, but do some math: if it takes 20 minutes to dig a full hole, then it takes half the time to dig half a hole. So, it takes 10 minutes to dig half ... Read More »

How to Countersink a Hole in Metal?

A countersink screw has a taper that is largest at the head and reduces in size until it reaches the threaded shaft of the screw. Creating a countersink in the metal allows the head of the screw to... Read More »

How to Punch a Square Hole in Metal?

Some automotive parts require a square pass-through hole in either a sheet metal panel or other metal component. Generally, punching a square hole in sheet metal requires a mechanical punch and a s... Read More »