Will avengers assemble be out in blu ray 3d?

Answer yes

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Will The Avengers 2 be the final film that Robert Downey Jr. will play Iron Man?

that's the current thinking. RDJ signed a 5-move contract, and Avengers 2 will be the 5th move.but i doubt Tony Stark would be re-cast. see, Joss Whedon *LOVES* killing off major characters, and ... Read More »

How do you download The Avengers on Vuze?

You find the torrent on a website and then use Vuze to download it.

Iron Man 3: Where's the Avengers?

Good question... I guess it's because each one of them are fighting their own battles? Thor 2 is about to be released this November, and I think the argument says he has to fight some evil forces t... Read More »

How to Paint Dire Avengers?

This article is about how two paint the elder aspect warrior the Dire Avenger. Their armour is typically blue read on to find out more.