Will apricot and plum trees grow in the Midwest?

Answer Answer depends on the weather and variety of plum and apricot. mostly they need a rather cold winter requiring 300-600 cold hours to wake up properly, a mature tree will need about 10-12 liters of ... Read More »

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How to Trim Plum & Apricot Trees?

Plums and apricots are stone fruits: They have an edible fleshy section that surrounds a single hard stone, the pit, which holds the tree's seed. You should trim stone fruit trees to control their ... Read More »

In which soil do rice trees and plum trees grow?

The rice plant, which is not a tree but actually a grass, grows best in soil that is tilled and sprinkled with fertilizer such as manure. Plum trees, on the other hand, require soil that is well dr... Read More »

How do i grow citrus trees in the midwest?

PreparationGrow citrus trees as potted plants in the Midwest. Choose dwarf citrus trees to maintain a smaller size, while still maintaining a fruit harvest. Choose from lemon, lime, orange or grape... Read More »

Can apricot trees grow in Florida?

The Arbor Day Foundation recognizes two varieties of apricot tree: the Moorpark Apricot and the Early Golden Apricot. Neither of these varieties can survive south of Georgia because of the high tem... Read More »