Will apple in America send an iPhone to Australia?

Answer walmart/kmart/target/bestbuy/radioshack/circuit city/any place that has an electronics section you can even buy it cheaper and most of the time they work better: Read More »

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How do you send a text message from America to someone in Australia?

Why does the iPhone 4 cost more in Australia than America?

Why do apples taste of apples? It's a tourist location. One of the worlds Capital Cities and in recent history was once the centre of power in the world.

Can the Apple iPhone send MMS messages?

Only the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S can send MMS messages with the 3.0 update. The first iPhone model can not.

If I send Apple my iPhone 3GS when the new iPhone comes out, will they send me an iPhone 4?

Phones are made with a built in obsolescence. They want you buying a new phone. Why on earth would they give you a new phone? They would much rather you buy one.