Will apad 9.7 get android honeycombs?

Answer Plug your Android device to the computer using your usb chord, then choose "disk drive" on your device. After that you just drag and drop the files you want to transfer to your SD card, also choosi... Read More »

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Will 9.7 inch apad Android pad get android honeycomb?

How do you update to android 2.2 on apad irobot?

Why can't you update to android 2.2 on apad irobot?

No, o2 doesn't sell the HTC Wildfire on either contract or pay as you go. You could always buy an unlocked version.

What are honeycombs made of?

The honeycomb, a bee hive structure of six-sided, thin-walled cells, is made of beeswax produced and formed by worker bees and house bees. Honeycombs are used to store honey and pollen and to raise... Read More »