Will anything bad happen if I uninstall Google Desktop?

Answer its completely fine its actually better that you are deleting it because for one thing it slows down your computer because its contently connecting the internet for updates. so just go to 1-control... Read More »

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How to Benefit from Google Desktop Gadgets Without Installing Google Desktop?

Create a Custom Personalized Google Page...without any installations.

How to Hide the Google Search Box in My Google Desktop?

Google Desktop is a software program that allows you to use Google to index and search your personal files as well as search the Internet. It is handy for finding documents and photos as well as em... Read More »

How to manually uninstall AOL desktop 9.6?

Restart your computer, and look again. If it still won't show, then download, and install the latest version of it, and then look in the add/remove programs list.

How to Uninstall Remote Desktop From Windows XP?

Remote Desktop is a program installed on Windows operating systems, thus allowing users to connect to their computer from a remote location by computer, Smartphone or PDA. Although the feature is v... Read More »