Will anything bad happen if I download Windows 7?

Answer Bad things only happen to those who download it illegally. (I hope that is not what you are asking about.)But downloading a LEGAL copy of Windows 7 won't do anything at all.Before it can do anythin... Read More »

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Will anything happen to jj in criminal minds?

'Survivor's Law', the TVB Jade TV series from Hong Kong, a 25 episode CD can be purchased on line from Amazon. See the link below.

Will anything happen if I burn my pubes off?

If done right, it can be a safe and effective way to remove crabs....

If you are pregnant and you get semen in you will anything happen?

Answer If you are pregnant, and you have sex - I would like to think that you are having fun!Semen cannot hurt or harm a baby. The only bad thing that could happen is that you could pick up an ST... Read More »

Will anything bad happen if I uninstall Google Desktop?

its completely fine its actually better that you are deleting it because for one thing it slows down your computer because its contently connecting the internet for updates. so just go to 1-control... Read More »