Will anything bad happen if I download Windows 7?

Answer Bad things only happen to those who download it illegally. (I hope that is not what you are asking about.)But downloading a LEGAL copy of Windows 7 won't do anything at all.Before it can do anythin... Read More »

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What will happen if i download a application from a website instead of in the android market?

Depends on how trustworthy the web site is. It could be one that is valid, or it could be one that only wishes to spread mal-ware to computers..

Why does condensation happen on windows in houses?

It always happens whenever you and I get together. Two hot bodies pressing close and moving like the motion of the ocean on a big bed will do it.Also a cold house with a hot shower running can do i... Read More »

Can I download Windows XP?

According to Microsoft, Windows XP is not available for download. You may still be able to locate the program outside of the official website or by obtaining the file from a friend or family member... Read More »

CAn I download IE7 if I use windows 95?

no you can not, they had a pull down list to view to see if you needed another version of windows and that version was NOT on the list