Will anyone help me with my dream job?

Answer I looked at your channel and saw a few problems: Your microphone is terrible quality, or you mumble;Your videos aren't funny; Your voice is annoying. If I were you I would either get a real job, or... Read More »

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What is everyone's dream job Does anyone have their dream Job?

I want to become a vegetarian. Can anyone suggest a good book that will help with the transition Thank you.?

Here are tips:1. Take your time - my journey from meat eater took about a year.2. Start out using some basic substitutes for the meat you are used to in foods where you won't even notice - ground m... Read More »

Anyone who know of an interview with Elie Wiesel at Oprah Winfrey's talk show any help will be appreciated thanks?

I hope i don't offend anyone with this questions but if a person was born blind what do they dream about?

"Blind people’s dreams consist of a mix of all their remaining senses. Smells, emotions, and memories of different situations they have been in, interweave to produce dreams that are just as vivi... Read More »