Will any pci video card work with a mac?

Answer Any Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) video card will not work with a Mac. Video card manufacturers make Mac-specific cards. PCI served as the industry standard for connecting motherboard dev... Read More »

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Why does a video card work only in certain pci slots?

A video card only works in certain PCI slots because there are two different types of PCI cards in addition to AGP video cards. PCI slots/cards were developed first, and are much slower than newer ... Read More »

Does this Video Card work with windows XP ?

yesjust make sure the motherboard supports pci2.o x16

Will a 64 bit video card work in a 32 bit pci slot?

64-bit PCI cards are generally longer than 32-bit cards. As long as there is room for the card to be physically inserted, 64-bit PCI cards generally work in 32-bit PCI slots. However, the maximum p... Read More »

Will a PCI e 2.0 video card work in PCI E slot?

A PCI Express 2.0 video card will work in a PCI Express slot, as the newer cards are intended to be forward compatible. There could be a drop in performance however, as the link speed is limited by... Read More »