Will antibiotics help a toothache?

Answer On One Hand: Infected Teeth Require AntibioticsWhen a toothache causes moderate to severe pain, you may have an abscessed tooth, which is an infection caused by trauma to the tooth, severe tooth de... Read More »

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When are antibiotics required for a toothache?

On One Hand: Antibiotics Control InfectionsAn infection in the mouth can cause a toothache. If left untreated, the infection can lead to tooth decay, which may result in the loss of teeth in additi... Read More »

Question for women. toothache or child birth I was to;d today that toothache is worse. What do you think?

I would imagine if both were drug free that toothache would be worse. I have had six children, the first boy (9lb 30z) was excrutiatingly painful even though i had everything i could including an e... Read More »

What is causing my toothache because it's not a toothache?

Clenching your jaw could cause pain in your teeth as could infection in the maxillary sinusesThe ear, nose and throat are so interconnected that you can get referred pain in many places.As your den... Read More »

Really bad toothache. help please!?

I'm sorry but in this sh*t society your best options are to get incarcerated to get free dental care or find a bottle of scotch and a pair of pliers.