Will an ipod work if it's not registered?

Answer Your iPod will work without any of limitation if you opt not to register it with Apple. Registering your iPod helps to keep you up to date with software updates, but registration isn't necessary fo... Read More »

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Will an iPod remote work with the iPod stereo connection kit?

Well, if it came with it yes, of course! If it didn't probably not. Check to see. That is all I can say. Thanks for asking this wonderful question!!

Will a U.S. iPod work in the UK?

An iPod from the United States will work in the United Kingdom, but to charge it, you will need a telefunken plug--used for radios, shavers and other common devices--or an adaptor, according to Den... Read More »

Will mp3 speakers work for an IPOD?

You are able to use mp3 player speakers with your IPOD. You need to make sure they are universal, which most are. Some people find that IPOD speakers do produce better sound quality with your IPOD.

Will an iPod work on Rhapsody?

Whether songs from Rhapsody will play on an iPod depends upon the type of files you have obtained from the site, according to Rhapsody. Your iPod will play MP3 files downloaded from Rhapsody, but n... Read More »