Will an iPhone4 work with normal SIM card?

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Will a HDTV Work With Normal Cable?

High definition televisions (HDTV) offer much better picture quality than regular televisions but only for stations broadcast in HD. If you have regular cable, you can still enjoy TV, but not at an... Read More »

Will a blu-ray player work with a normal television?

By normal TVs, I assume you mean regular resolution TVs. Blu-Ray players require High Definition output, and that means you need to play Blu-Ray movies on HD capable television sets.Even on my DIGI... Read More »

Will my camera Nikon D80 work with a SDhd card as well with as it is currently working with SD?

Yes. SD and SDHC cards are physically the same. The electronics in SDHC are just adapted so that it can hold more data in the same size (hence HC - high capacity). I am currently using an 8GB SDHC ... Read More »

Will Iphone4 apps work on the Ipad2?