Will an expensive microphone help out vocals?

Answer You will get better sound and it will be more crisp and all that good stuff. But if you`re doing it for recording. Look lets cut the're trying to record an album on a cheap mic and it s... Read More »

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What kind of microphone should i use to record my vocals?

Why do you need a condenser microphone? Condenser mics are typically reserved for studio use where the ambient sound is highly controlled and tuned to eliminate unwanted sounds.The Heil PR Series ... Read More »

How to Record Vocals in Cubase With a Headset Microphone?

Recording music in your own home has become so simple and inexpensive that nearly anyone with a computer can do it. This is never more true than in the case of recording vocals. Even a simple hea... Read More »

How to Earn Money to Buy an Expensive Microphone?

I can't hear any vocals on my earphones, help?

That happens all the time with any headphones.You'll just have to get new ones.