Will an am2+ cpu work in am2 socket?

Answer Dude, that's a really old CPU is it not?I would just suggest spending like... 400-500 on a new PC, it will be more worth your time. Or if you think you could, try and build your own machine. I just... Read More »

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Why does the electric socket not work?

The recepticle could be a GFI ( ground fault interuptor) which needs to be reset. The circut breaker might have tripped, or you could have a bad plug-in. All are pretty easy to fix. Now if it is a ... Read More »

Will AM3+ CPU Work With AM3 Socket Cooler?

yes it should as they are backwards compatible, i think... to avoid any confusion i would get the hyper 212 evo or hyper 212+ (evo is better) they are very good cpu coolers for the same sort of pri... Read More »

Does an SD card work in an MMC socket?

Most SD cards work in MMC sockets and vice versa because Secure Digital cards are based on MMC technology, according to IXBT Labs. In certain situations, a device may not have the firmware to handl... Read More »

Will a Pentium III work in my Socket 370 Celeron motherboard?

A Socket 370 Celeron motherboard supports four types of Pentium III processors--the Coppermine Series FC-PGA and FC-PGA2, the Coppermine-T Series and the Tualatin Series FC-PGA2. A Socket 370 Celer... Read More »