Will an alarm system work without the main power?

Answer Alarm systems have many components. Of these, the power supply is one of the most important because it provides power to the system. When the supply fails, the system can easily fail, as well.What ... Read More »

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Will My Alarm System Still Work If I Lose Power?

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How do you make a power failure alarm system?

Easy. You rig an alarm circuit with a noise maker and a battery. Then you use a relay that is energized from the power line. When energized, the contacts are open. When the power is lost, the relay... Read More »

How do I Stop an Alarm on a Home Security System When the Power Is Off?

A seemingly unsolvable problem can stymie homeowners or tenants who have home security systems: The house alarm is running when the power is off and the keypads do not work. This can be caused by e... Read More »

Will your alarm system work when you need it?

On One Hand: Alarms Are ReliableMost burglar alarm systems are eminently reliable. Do-it-yourself systems have detachable components with their own power sources, while wired systems are usually mo... Read More »