Will an XM antenna work in a Sirius radio?

Answer As long as your XM antenna adapter fits into your Sirius radio, then yes, it should work. Because both XM and Sirius operate on 2.3 GHz frequency band, they are compatible.Source:XM Radio: Support ... Read More »

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Bought a car with aftermarket Sirius sat radio antenna but no reciver?

You need a radio. It should come with an antenna.

How does SIRIUS Radio work?

SIRIUS Radio is a satellite radio, which means that satellites orbiting the Earth are broadcasting the radio stations. Another term for satellite radio is digital radio.LocationOver 130 stations or... Read More »

Does Sirius Radio work in Germany?

Sirius Radio does not work in Germany or any other countries in Europe. According to the Satellite Radio Source, Sirius Radio only covers the area around North America, including parts of the Unite... Read More »

Will Sirius accounts work with XM radio?

Yes. According to, Sirius subscribers can listen to all Sirius radio stations on an XM radio. To listen to XM radio stations with a Sirius account, customers can add "The Best of XM" ... Read More »