Will an XBox 360 VGA cable work on any monitor?

Answer The Xbox 360 VGA cable is a complete solution cable. It will work with any PC monitor, including a CRT (tube) or an LCD monitor, using the VGA input. You can also play high-quality audio with the a... Read More »

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Which is better for me, monitor with vga cable hd xbox cable, or my lcd tv which is with hdmi and 1080i?

My xbox is on a 720p monitor with vga cable?

Nope. VGA cables do not support HD output display. You need to get a HDMI cable for HD display.

Does an xbox 360 vga cable work on a laptop?

The Xbox VGA cable does work with a laptop provided it has a VGA port, which most do, according to Team Xbox. The Xbox VGA cable also works with other devices that have a VGA port, such as a CRT mo... Read More »

Will an ordinary Ethernet cable work with Xbox?

Any Ethernet cable, also called a network cable, is compatible with the Xbox 360. With an Ethernet cable, the Xbox 360 connects to the Internet via modem, gateway or router.References:Xbox: Connect... Read More »