Will an XBox 360 VGA cable work on any monitor?

Answer The Xbox 360 VGA cable is a complete solution cable. It will work with any PC monitor, including a CRT (tube) or an LCD monitor, using the VGA input. You can also play high-quality audio with the a... Read More »

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Will a HDMI to VGA cable work for my ps3 to my monitor?

Sure.You just wont get the HD feel.Check the site below for a good deal on the cable

Will an ordinary Ethernet cable work with Xbox?

Any Ethernet cable, also called a network cable, is compatible with the Xbox 360. With an Ethernet cable, the Xbox 360 connects to the Internet via modem, gateway or router.References:Xbox: Connect... Read More »

Will an xbox 360 hdmi port work with any hdmi cable?

The Xbox 360 HDMI port allows any cable to be connected. The HDMI cable included from the factory is not the only option for connecting to the HDMI output. Going with less expensive HDMI cables can... Read More »

My xbox is on a 720p monitor with vga cable?

Nope. VGA cables do not support HD output display. You need to get a HDMI cable for HD display.