Will an X-ray and blood work tell if someone is having a heart attack/heart disease/ or hear failure?

Answer As I said to another of your questions, go see a family doctor. He/she can do a thorough workup and get you to any testing or specialist you need.Going to the ER & demanding tests isn't helpful. Th... Read More »

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Is low blood pressure a symptom of congestive heart failure?

High blood pressure--not low blood pressure--is one of the possible causes of heart failure, according to the Mayo Clinic. Doctors often prescribe hypertension medications for congestive-heart-fail... Read More »

How does high blood pressure cause heart disease?

High blood pressure and heart disease are indelibly linked in our culture. Both are primary health concerns, and both have specific causes and symptoms. You should be aware of what they are and how... Read More »

How well does Altace work for congestive heart failure?

On One Hand: Altace's Tested PurposeAccording to, Altace (ramipril) is a drug used to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, and to aid after heart attack. A clinical study shows a 27 ... Read More »

Can blood work prove bipolar disease?

On One Hand: Blood Tests are Used in Bipolar DiagnosisDiagnosticians commonly employ lab tests including blood work when trying to diagnose bipolar disorder. These may include, according to Medline... Read More »