Will an LCD be hurt by leaving it on for too long What is the longest a LCD should be left on consecutively?

Answer Many are aware that if you leave a static image for a prolonged period on a plasma TV, you may risk phosphor burn-in. The result is that once you remove the static image, you would still be able to... Read More »

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Why when you turn your head to the left your left arm hurt?

The cemetery is administered by the Army. However, each branch of service sends their respective honour guards to perform services for members of their service who are being interned at Arlington.

Why does your left shoulder hurt when you raise your left arm?

Does leaving your iPhone plugged in hurt it?

Can you get sole custody of your unborn child if the father left the city leaving no way to contact him?

Answer Yes, it is called 'abandonment' and you have it automatically when he left you. If he returned to your life at a later time, he would have to pay back child support. The court would never al... Read More »