Will an HD box work on a non HDTV?

Answer Yes it will, at least with Cox Cable it will. You can even watch HD programming, although you will see it in the letterbox format and the quality will suffer greatly.

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Will an HDTV work on a standard VHF antenna?

With a VHF antenna, you will receive digital stations that broadcast on VHF frequencies, including any HDTV content. However, when the nation went to all-digital TV, many VHF stations switched to U... Read More »

Will a HDTV Work With Normal Cable?

High definition televisions (HDTV) offer much better picture quality than regular televisions but only for stations broadcast in HD. If you have regular cable, you can still enjoy TV, but not at an... Read More »

Will an HDTV antenna work on an SDTV television?

High-definition television signals travel through the airways similarly to standard definition television signals. Therefore, SDTV antennas can work with high-definition receivers and televisions,... Read More »

Will an analog TV work with an HDTV signal?

As of June 21, 2009, any person with an analog TV will not receive the digital signal without having a digital converter box hooked up to the analog TV, or without subscribing to satellite TV or ca... Read More »