Will an HD box work on a non HDTV?

Answer Yes it will, at least with Cox Cable it will. You can even watch HD programming, although you will see it in the letterbox format and the quality will suffer greatly.

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How can you get your hdtv to work after you use your blu ray player?

No, a standard powered subwoofer needs to connect to a surround receiver for volume control as well as the crossover so that it amplifies just the signals in its ideal range.

Do HDTV's work without cable?

Yes, you can connect an antenna to it and receiver OTA digital signals.

My ps3 wont work on my non hdtv?

If it was used or on a HDTV before it needs to be reset to sd analog output, if it's on right now turn it off, now turn it back on, hold down the power button until you hear a 2nd beep, basically t... Read More »

Will your lcd hdtv work if your motherboard is fried?

Probably not. It is necessary for the TV to function. It is probably time for a new TV.