Will an Apple keyboard work on a PC?

Answer Yeah if u hae the drivers

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How to Take an Apple Keyboard Apart?

Apple has been making keyboards since 1977. Keyboards are a set of keys to input data from a user into the computer. They can be either corded, in which data is sent to the computer using a cable, ... Read More »

How to Use an Apple Keyboard With Bootcamp?

Many Bootcamp users complain because their Apple Wireless Keyboard won't work with Windows. This guide will take you through two different solutions that will most likely allow you to use your Appl... Read More »

Can a Microsoft keyboard be used on an Apple?

Microsoft makes a program called IntelliType, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. This free program allows you to use most Microsoft keyboards on your Mac. However, some advanced feat... Read More »

How to Use a Wireless Mouse & Keyboard on Your Apple TV?

Apple TV is a network appliance that plays digital media originating from your computer on your television. The controller for the Apple TV is a small infrared remote, which is provided with the Ap... Read More »